Feb 26, 2016

Fuel bottle holder / tooltube for Yamaha Bolt

Tool tube mounted on the Yamaha Bolt frame tube. 
I want to have emergency fuel for longer trips just in case... I haven't been able to come up with a good mounting solution for my square FuelFriend containers so I looked into fuel bottles. Bottles are easy to come by, but mounting them is not that simple. I didn't want any leather contraptions with chrome buckles anywhere near my bike so I needed come up with something else. I had a few tool tubes laying around from my adventure riding days, but I needed to figure out how to mount one on the bike.  I also wanted something that would not be totally unsightly and preferably easily removable. It's not like I need emergency fuel 99% of the time...

After some searching I found boat fender rack mounts that happened to come in two sizes. The lager 32 mm version was perfect for the frame tube.

I would have preferred to mount the tube lower on the frame tubes, but engine mounting brackets and such came on the way. I also tried to mount the tube horizontally, but the frame tube width and the mounting tabs on the tool tube don't match for that to work. The engine brackets are also again in the way.

The tool tube looks to be very close, almost touching,  to the engine, but in reality it's not.

I used 32mm plastic mounts that are originally intended for attaching fender racks to boat railings. left out the thin square bit.
Note a slot for a hex nut on the non-curved part. It allows for nifty and clean mounting of the tube.

NOTE: Google for "Nawa 32mm connector" if you want to buy the exact same mounting hardware.
The mount. The bottle mounts at the center hole.

Not pretty, but not totally horrible either.
The tool tube attaches to the mount with a single bolt.

For more information on tooltubes, go to : http://www.thetooltube.com/
(I have no affiliation with them)

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